Voting Your Mail in Ballot

Detailed instructions are included with the Vote-by-Mail ballot, please follow them carefully. Make sure to include your signature or legal mark on the Voter's Certificate Envelope, as failure to do so may cause your ballot not to count.

You must personally vote your own ballot unless assistance is required due to blindness, disability, or inability to read or write. A signature as Power of Attorney will not be accepted and the ballot will not be counted.

If you are filling out your Vote-by-Mail ballot and you make a mistake, let the Supervisor of Elections know so that they can send you a replacement ballot. Whether voting by mail or at the polling place, voters can receive up to two replacements ballots before their ballot has been cast. Once the ballot has been mailed to the office, dropped in a ballot box, or inserted into a ballot scanning machine, your ballot has been cast and no replacements can be issued.

If you decide to go to the polls to vote instead of voting your Vote-by-Mail ballot, bring your Vote-by-Mail ballot (marked or not) with you. The Vote-by-Mail ballot will be cancelled and you can vote a regular ballot. If you arrive to the polls without your Vote-by-Mail ballot, our office will need to confirm that we have not received your Vote-by-Mail ballot in order for you to be able to vote a regular ballot. If the office has received your Vote-by-Mail ballot, you cannot vote a regular ballot. However, if you believe that you have not already voted, you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.